About This Event

It’s First Friday time!

And we’ve got some new art to show you!

First Friday is one of the best things about Spokane. We hope you get out and see a bunch of different First Friday shows.

There are all kinds of venues showing all kinds of artists.

There’s a place for every taste and skill level.

If you’re looking for some stunning art from award-winning professionals, then Marmot is the place for you!

We are super excited to bring back Eastern Washington University Professor Emeritus Ruben Trejo!

Ruben has been described in the press as “one of the most influential artists ever to have lived in the Inland Northwest” (Spokesman-Review).

Yes, of course his work is in the Smithsonian. Two separate pieces no less. It’s also in important collections all over the world. And now it could be in yours. Pretty cool.

We’re so excited to show him again right here in Spokane.

Check out these new pieces – new to you, new to us – this First Friday, Feb 2nd, 5-8pm, at Marmot Art Space in Kendall Yards. Doors open at 5 pm!

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