About This Event

Dates: July 7 – July 29, 2023
OPENING RECEPTION – Friday, July 7, 5-8 pm
Hours: The gallery is open to the public: Fridays, 12-8pm & Saturday 12-8pm
Artists: Saranac Art Projects is pleased to present Mariah Boyle, Harry Mestyanek, & Sarah Barnett.
Mariah Boyle – Collection.
Mariah Boyle is exhibiting new black and white drawings and prints based on artworks she admires – a
collection of altered appropriated images from art history around the world.
Harry Mestyanek and Sarah Barnett – Transmute.
Transmute – to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature. Harry Mestyanek will be exhibiting new ceramic works reflecting upon the ever-changing cultural complexions that complicate & challenge our lives; transformation brought on by disturbance. Sarah Barnett will be exhibiting new paintings inspired by the human body’s relationship to technology. Transmute reflects transhumanism; the idea that human nature is transforming alongside technological and scientific progression.

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