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Lenora Jesus Lopez Schindler is an interdisciplinary artist who has worked in drawing, painting, sculpture, and multi-media installation. She teaches studio and art history courses at Gonzaga University, the Community Colleges of Spokane, and Eastern Washington University. In Taking Stock, Lenora has focused on what it means to be from a specific place. “I am from Spokane, in fact I was born and raised in Spokane. I live in the home I grew up in, and my studio is in the house I inherited from dad, which he grew up in as well. I feel so much a part of this place I wondered what I more I could discover. As it turns out I discovered a lot.”

All of the paintings are composites of specific locations in their history or their present. None are direct transcriptions of place, but instead form the breadth of Lenora’s inner visions of this home, this place. Included in the series are the ever-smaller area we leave for wildness, for animals, birds and insects, who have been forcibly adapted to our activities. “When I settle on a subject matter I try to capture the essence quickly,” Schindler says. “I am interested in aliveness but not life-likeness. My goal with this corpus of work is to encourage citizen observations which I believe lead to gratitude and a sense of shared responsibility.”

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