About This Event

Join Spokane Public Library’s Current Affairs Specialist, Shane Gronholz, for a monthly ‘salon’ centered around discussions on what you believe the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in the United States are. This month, we’ll be asking the question: what is meant by the terms ‘the right’ and ‘the left’ in a political context?

Spokane Civics Salon will meet from 2:00-3:30 PM on the last Sunday of every month. Each Salon will be focused on a particular “text.”

This month’s text is a podcast episode. In particular, it is an episode of the podcast Matt Lewis and the News. In it, Lewis interviews Hyrum Lewis, and they discuss his recent book The Myth of Left and Right.

You can listen here, or search for it in your favorite podcast app.

This event will take place in Conference Room B on the third floor of Central Library.

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