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Tyler Colon, known professionally as Tai Verdes, is an American singer-songwriter. He grew up in California and played guitar, piano, and ukulele. Playing on the basketball team during his attendance at Babson College, he maintained his love for music and eventually dropped out. He was also featured on season 6 of “Are You the One”. He worked at a phone store during the covid-19 pandemic, but this still helped further his musical passion and during the same time, he released his breakout single “Stuck in the Middle” in August 2020. The song went viral on TikTokHe responded to his newfound success by saying the song “doesn’t just turn into a million dollars and a nice car. It turns into waiting – which I think I’ve gotten pretty good at.”

In May 2021, he released his debut full-length studio album, TV. The album featured the single “A-O-K”, which peaked at No. 34 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has achieved 24.7 million radio plays

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