About This Event

“Remote” is a collection of works exploring themes and experiences common to many during COVID lock-downs. The works connote physical, social, psychological, political, and economic distance, and the rituals and practices people used to navigate those and sustain themselves through the early months of the pandemic.

Opening reception: Friday, December 2nd, 5-8pm
Exhibition dates: December 2nd – December 31st, 2022

Artist Information:

Shantell Jackson:
Multimedia Visual Artist, Shantell Jackson has spent 18 years in the Pacific Northwest, by way of Buffalo NY, where she was raised. Jackson began doing acrylic paintings over 10 years ago and have been creating, and exploring ever since.
Curiosity & Wonder are hallmarks of Shantell’s artist process, her work is often created in process. In other words each project is a journey that may have an overall theme, be it color, texture or other mediums the result is that of a process that was born out of a creative flow.

Stefani Rossi:
Stefani Rossi uses her creative practice to contemplate rituals–sacred and mundane–that people use to navigate life as individuals and communities. The series, Wreckage, exhibited at the central branch of Spokane Public Library (SPL), explored the social customs of minimizing or obscuring pain to cope with disappointment, loss, and death. In the fall of 2021 she joined SPL’s inaugural cohort of artists at The Hive, an initiative to increase access to the arts, and integrate the arts into spaces of public engagement. In this residency she continued a series of paintings entitled kəˈnekt, visual metaphors interpersonal change in communities, and the rhythms of isolation, connection, and belonging. Rossi approaches painting as visual storytelling. Whatever the media, her hope is to invite viewers to slow down, enjoy looking, and meditate on larger narratives of human experience in which we participate.

Heather Berndt:
Heather Berndt is a graphic designer, mixed media artist and certified spiritual director who has a passion for inspiring others to experience the divine through creativity and soulful living.

Heather believes wholeheartedly in the power of play for accessing the imagination and she approaches her art-making with curiosity and wonder, finding inspiration in the intertextuality of music, color, natural rhythms, and embodied movement. While she is still finding her “voice” as an artist, with her work Heather hopes to bring just a bit more healing, love and delight to the world.

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