About This Event

Spokane Arts invites you to our newest exhibition featuring artworks from Jessica Earle, that explores the concept of escapism as a positive force that leads to healing, inspiration, and solace within our everyday lives. An intriguing art exhibition is set to offer an escape from your everyday life into a new world. One that offers respite from the stress and challenges of everyday life and into the powerful ability of humans to transform reality through imagination. Through Portal.esc, the audience will be among a variety of media inviting the viewer on a journey of escapism. Whether visitors feel the need to escape everyday life or not, this exhibit offers an experience that promises to expand, engage, and inspire minds beyond their current realities.

Portal.esc is a creation of Jessica Earle, who aims to demonstrate the immense power minds carry within them. Earle uses video, animation, digital painting, and installation to explore unique perspectives on the theme of escapism, creating a space that encourages viewers to seek joy and wonder in a world that often feels overwhelming. Earle invites viewers to take a break from their routine and immerse themselves in new realms of possibilities, exposing the beauty that can be found in the act of escaping.

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