About This Event

The OneHeart Call Project Invites Your Creative HeART Voice
Opening Night May 7, 2021 5pm to 8pm running through May 21
Christina will be at the gallery every Saturday through May 15 from Noon to 4pm

Christina Rothe’s OneHeart Call project in its third rotation of artworks at the Kolva Sullivan Gallery introduces heART responses from the community of Great Falls, Montana. Participants, ages ranging from 4yrs to 74 years, were inspired by the heART call from Spokane displayed at the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art last year. Students work from Great Falls High School and The Paris Gibson Square Education Center working with Cortni Harant, Wil Harning, Bianca Bouchard and Julie Murray are shown.
The OneHeart Call debuts two dance interpretations. A pas de deux, performed by Ella McClellan and Kelson Cubley of Spokane interpreting TCS students Ryan Yancey’s & Blake Yacker’s “FEAR” and a solo performance by Ella McClellan inspired by Spokane artist Donell Barlow’s “Mother Earth”. Both dancers study with Angelie Melzer at “Professional Performing Arts Institute”. The performances begin at 5.30 and every 30 minutes until 7.30pm.

The OneHeart Call is an open art call and invitation to people everywhere to share their voices in artistic expressions. The project celebrates being different while sharing universal values of hope, dissent, love and respect. It reminds us that in spite of our beautiful differences may it be language, culture, religion or ethnicity, we all have one thing in common, our heart. By embracing our diversity and listening to each other’s life stories, we will realize that we are not that different from one another. Our individual and complex life experiences are colorful resilient threads woven into the tapestry of a shared human experience.

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