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Member Keiko Von Holt is the featured artist during the October Arts Month at Avenue West Gallery. Diane Conkright is the guest . Both women are past or current members of the Spokane Watercolor Society. But both go far beyond traditional watercolor. The artist’s reception is First Friday, September 6, from 5 to 8 pm. The exhibits continue through it the end of the month.
Keiko Von Holt was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Prior to arriving in Spokane in the 50’s she studied Japanese Calligraphy in grade school. When her youngest child left home for college she resumed her art studies including watercolor, Sumi-e (pronounced Su-Me-A), an Asian style water-color, Japanese calligraphy, porcelain art and collage.
Keiko’s painting reflects both eastern and western cultures. She is inspired by the nature sur-rounding the Northwest. Keikp says that she “enjoys the experiment of process more than the re-sult, and painting to her is a creative journey that will never some to an end”.
Keikp is a founding member of the co-op Avenue West Gallery as week as a member of the Puget Sound Sumi Artist and the National Sumi-e Society of America. She currently teaches Sumi-e/Japanese calligraphy in private classes. Their Sumi-E and calligraphy has been shown during the annual Japan Week celebration in Spokane. Keikoe has exhibited in galleries and museums in the United States, Canada and Japan.

Diane Conkright recalls that “For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the many various forms of artistic creation and communication. I have been told that my initial creative attempts were painstakingly removed from the walls: thankfully, my more recent critics have been much more constructive and gentle.” She dabbled with glass and copper foil, basketry, spinning, tatting, calligraphy and beadwork. But while in Alaska she was introduced to the wa-tercolors. For the last 35 years, watercolors and water media remained her focus of interest. Variety has been provided by an ongoing study of sumi-e.
Diane is a signature member of the Spokane Watercolor Society.

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