About This Event

Reservations recommended, especially for large parties of six or more. Although we don’t serve food, guests are welcome to bring in a snack, dinner or hors d’oeuvres to enjoy at their table.

Spare Parts is a band formed in Spokane, WA in 2008. The “Core Four” members include Kevin Gardner (guitar & vocal), Scott Randall (guitar & vocal), Kim Davis (bass & vocal) and Joel Johnston (guitar & vocal). Additional members include Rick Westrick (drums), Pat Cantlon (drums & cajon), Duane Becker (pedal steel & dobro), Nick Herman (lead guitar) and Craig Catlett (sax & flute). With a song repertoire that pulls from five decades of popular music, Spare Parts leaves no musical stone unturned in the Pop/Rock/Folk and Country genres. If you enjoy musical variety, acoustic sounds and tight harmonies, these guys might just earn your undivided attention.

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