About This Event

The mission of the Wonder Saturday Market (“WSM”) is to showcase Inland Northwest-grown produce and emerging and established culinary talent, all in a community-driven atmosphere. WSM’s emphasis is on small-farm produce, street food vendors, and regional chefs and food purveyors. It also includes live entertainment and work from juried local artisans. We are the only market in the area to offer a covered outdoor, as well as indoor, market space with a Pike’s Place vibe.

Our downtown location, coupled with ample and convenient parking, gives our vendors a distinct advantage. While this is our market’s first year, we anticipate large crowds and high-volume foot traffic based on our proximity to downtown and Riverfront Park. Our vendors will benefit from a wide array of highly-marketed City, park and Wonder events. For example, our first WSM will coincide with Bloomsday, a Spokane event that draws approximately 40,000 participants annually.

The WSM is also situated next to the brick and mortar establishments in the Wonder Market’s carefully curated and chef-centered food hall; this includes Chef Chad White’s High Tide Lobster Bar and Evans Brothers Coffee Roasters.

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