While we are all eager to return to the bustling downtown we knew before COVID-19, we will all have to continue to take extra precautions in order to prevent the spread.

Washington State Reopening Guidance for Businesses and Workers

Gov. Jay Inslee has announced “Healthy Washington — Roadmap to Recovery,” a COVID-19 phased recovery plan. The new plan will include additional phases and be organized by region instead of by county. A region’s phase will be determined by the Department of Health in response to four metric requirements.

Healthy Washington

Washington will shift to a two-phase system in accordance with regional case counts.

To remain in Phase 2, regions must meet at least 3 metrics:

  • Decreasing or flat trend in two-week rate of COVID-19 cases per 100K population
  • Decreasing or flat trend in two-week rate new COVID-19 hospital admission rates per 100K population
  • ICU occupancy (total — COVID-19 and non-COVID-19) of less than 90%
  • COVID-19 test positivity rate of <10%.

Regions that fail to meet two or more of the above metrics will be moved back to Phase 1.

Open Air and Outdoor Seating Guidelines

There are four options for outdoor seating, per the new frameworks. Two are similar to what the state’s health officials already sanctioned, including completely open-air patios and more enclosed small group structures, such as tents, domes, and pods. But one of the significant new allowances is that seating can be set up around bay doors or multiple open windows, if there’s adequate ventilation on both sides of the dining space. Restaurants can also set up areas with two or more “permeable” walls — examples include screened openings, open tent panels, and ventilation holes in side panels — and still be in compliance. The state calls these set-ups “open air” seating.

For more details on current allowable dining guidelines, click the button below.

Open Air and Outdoor Seating Guidelines


Your customers want to hear from you. Spread Kindness is an initiative to keep our community healthy and help businesses stay open. It will take a unified effort to limit COVID-19’s spread. We’re calling for compassion, respect and kindness to make it happen.

Kindness Not COVID

Spokane Regional Heath District has created this poster to communicate the importance of wearing a mask. For more information on the effectiveness of masks, visit this page.

Additional Reopening Industry Resources

Below are additional resources to help yourself, and your workplace, get back to business.

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Auto Dealers
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Find Supplies

The Association of Washington Business PPE Connect Marketplace connects businesses with local manufacturers who supply PPE providing you the opportunity to purchase equipment for you and your employees so you can re-open your business safely. Fill out the form below identifying which PPE you need and quantities. Once you complete the form you will be matched with manufacturers that match your supply needs and you can request a quote.

PPE Marketplace

American On-Site*
Sanitization Tips for Businesses
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Screens and Dividers
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