Executive Members

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Cory Barbieri - Vice President

Goodale & Barbieri Company

What do you feel makes downtown Spokane unique?

A river runs through it. You can experience the river from nearly all areas of downtown within a 5-minute walk. I have worked downtown for the past 12 years and during a lunch break you can dine, shop, be entertained and take in views of the falls for some unsurpassed serenity. Not many cities have what downtown Spokane can offer and its vital for us as a city to create a safe, clean, and vibrant downtown experience for all and future generations to enjoy.

Advisory Members

How to Join the Board

The Downtown Spokane Partnership (DSP) Board of Directors governs the DSP. The Board consists of up to 23 directors who are appointed by the DSP Board itself to direct the policies and operations of the organization. The Board’s primary role is to assure that the DSP resources are directed in ways that protect and advance the Downtown interests and its role in the region. Members of the DSP Board of Directors provide a variety of skills and expertise, community connections, occupations, ages and backgrounds. Members are nominated every November with the final slate to be approved by membership at the DSP Annual Meeting each February. Board Members are eligible to serve for three consecutive two-year terms, with the exception of annual appointments. Apply