Welcome to the Club

If you own a business or property in the 80 square block region of the downtown Spokane BID, you are a member of an exclusive club actively investing in making downtown Spokane the center for commerce, culture, and living in the Intermountain Northwest. The BID is funded by the City of Spokane and private investment, including Ratepayer assessments (that's you!), contributions to parking validation, event sponsorship, and more. BID programs focus on making downtown a more desirable place for businesses, shoppers, and visitors. Similar to other BIDs across the country, programs focus on clean, safe, marketing, economic development and transportation.

Map of BID Boundaries

COVID-19 Resources

  • Kindness - Not COVID

    Business Toolkit
    Together we canĀ  #SpreadKindness

    Downtown Promotions
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  • Business Resources

    We have gathered many local, state and federal business resources for your information. Click below to find out more.


  • Phasing Back to Business

    While we are all eager to return to the bustling downtown we knew before COVID-19, the reality is that until there is a vaccine or treatment, we will all have to take extra precautions in order to prevent the spread. Click below to find guidance for opening your business.