Pay Your Ticket

In the City of Spokane, the owner of any vehicle with four or more unpaid parking citations in collections and having been provided proper notifications will be given a final notification and added to the Vehicle Scofflaw List, and assessed an additional $25 fee. Cars belonging to owners who do not to pay all the outstanding parking citations will be booted. The owner will be given 48 hours to pay all the tickets plus an additional $50. After 48 hours the vehicle will be towed. to recover the vehicle, all citations and collection fees must be paid in full.

For Businesses

If you work downtown or like to shop or play here often, Downtown Spokane has several options to help you with parking. Explore below for a description of the parking programs that are overseen by the BID. Parking Operators in the downtown area are encouraged to participate in ParkSpokane by helping customers find parking faster. See our toolkit HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who will validate my parking?

    While you shop, dine, have fun, or utilize many of the services downtown, participating downtown businesses help pay for your parking by giving you an EasyPark validation whenever you make a minimum purchase. Validated EasyPark coupons are redeemable at downtown parking facilities displaying an EasyPark sign.

    Participating retailers include: Athleta * ALSC Architects * AMC Theaters * Anderson & Co. * Auntie’s * Bookstore * Banana Republic * Ben Bridge Jeweler * Brian Knopf p.c. * Coffman Engineers * Corey Plaster DDS * D.A. Davidson & Co * Dania * Dennis Anderson M.S. * Downtown Spokane Partnership * Easypark Promotions * GAP * Global Credit Union * The North Face * Nordstrom * Pendleton * Pottery Barn * The Eye Care Team * Umpqua Bank * Uncles Games & Puzzles * Vorpahl Wing Securities * Walking Company * Wells St John P.S. * Wheatland Bank * Williams-Sonoma * Witherspoon Kelley

  • Is there a difference between on-street and off-street parking?

    The on street parking system is managed by the City of Spokane. Find more information about meter parking on the City of Spokane website.

    Most off-street parking is managed by private building, lot or property owners. Costs and accessibility for these lots will vary. Look for the white "P" on the blue background which indicates the lot or garage is accessible to the public.

  • Where do I find parking?

    Downtown Spokane offers a variety of parking options from on street meters and surface lots to day and long-term garages at a fraction of the cost of other cities. If you’re coming downtown for the day, for a special event, or to enjoy the many shopping and dining opportunities, you don’t have to look far to find a place to park. Use the map above to locate the right space for you.

  • How much does parking cost?

    The cost of parking varies depending on the location and type of space your vehicle is parked in. On street meter parking in the central core costs; $2 Hour - $1.70 per hour; 4 Hour - $1.30 per hour; and All Day - $1 per hour while off street parking can cost $10 for the day, surface lots and garage parking may increase in price during a popular event.

  • Where do I park if I work downtown?

    If you work in the downtown area and your employer does not provide parking for you, there are many parking lots and garages that offer monthly parking passes ranging in cost from $100 to $200 depending on location and accessibility.

    For $40 a month through the STA you can park at the Spokane Arena and shuttle into downtown. The shuttle runs during the work-week into downtown from 6:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m. More

  • When is parking free?

    Meters are free between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., and on Sundays and Federal Holidays. Off street parking options vary, but are rarely free, make sure to find and read parking rules thoroughly.

  • How can I pay at a meter?

    ParkMobile Parking Meter App

    If you’re a cash and carry kind of person, the City is still happy to accept your change, but paying for parking by phone means you’ll no longer have to lug around handfuls of coins. For more convenience paying at meters, download the “ParkMobile” app for free from the iPhone App Store and Android Google Play.

    For more information on using the ParkMobile app you can find details on parking meters, the City of Spokane’s website or, by calling 311.

  • How long can I park at a meter?

    The maximum timestay of the meter is the longest amount of time you are allowed to park at that meter before you have to move your car. Plugging the meter past the maximum timestay is a violation of the Spokane Municipal Code. If you are caught plugging the meter, you can receive a citation. Once the maximum timestay has been used, vehicles must be moved to a different block face.

  • Can I park in taxi zones?

    Parking in a taxicab stand will result in a fine of $250, which was increased by the City Council in 2015 amid rising concerns from local taxi companies about non-taxi vehicles taking up spaces marked for cabs.

  • I own a parking lot/garage. How can I join Park Spokane?

    The Downtown Spokane Partnership is excited to welcome your parking option to our suite of services. To make sure that your information is accurately listed and promoted, reach out to our office by contacting Andrew Rolwes at or calling 509.456.0580.

    A toolkit of branding materials can be found below.
    Park Spokane Toolkit

Getting Around

  • 41: Regional bus transit routes
  • 21,400: Off-street parking spaces
  • 56%: Average parking occupancy

Other Ways to Get Around

  • Spokane Transit Authority

    Spokane Transit Authority

    Don't stress the drive, let Spokane Transit do it for you. STA provides Fixed Route bus service on 41 different routes with 147 buses, 28 of which are hybrid (diesel-electric) vehicles.

    Catch the Bus
  • Commute Trip Reduction

    Commute Trip Reduction

    In 1993, Spokane County implemented the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Law to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution and fuel consumption through employer-based programs that reduce the number and distance of single occupant vehicles on the road. Utilize a wide range of programs that are good for you and good for the environment.
  • Bike to Downtown

    Bike to Downtown

    With more than 50 bike racks installed throughout the downtown area, a growing number of bike-friendly lanes and bike-friendly employers, two wheel transit is a great option for commuting.

    View Map

Your Parking Dollars at Work

Did you know that by parking at a downtown meter you're helping to improve the downtown environment? From infrastructure, to beautification, parking meter money is invested back into the streets and work to make Spokane better. SEE HOW