Executive Members

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Jon Moog - Chair / Zone 4

City of Spokane, Riverfront Park

How do you imagine downtown in 25 years?

It will be the epicenter of culture, entertainment and culinary experiences. It will be demographically diverse and logistically connected. The advancement of self-driving cars has reduced the demand for parking to such an extent that trees and park-lets are added to “green-ify” our city. Downtown residential living is the most sought-after realty in the area. The safest and most walkable city in America; seamlessly blending the natural wonders of Riverfront with vibrant urban living.

Advisory Members

How to Join the Board

Board membership consists of nineteen persons, all of whom must be Ratepayers in good standing, or representatives thereof. Board positions are designated by geography, business, and property type to ensure that the BID's interests are well represented and served. Members of the BID Ratepayer Advisory Board provide a variety of skills and expertise, community connections, occupations, professional experience, and backgrounds. Applications for vacant positions are accepted each November and approved by membership at the BID Annual Meeting each February. Apply