• Broken parking meter

    Parking meters are monitored and maintained by the City of Spokane Parking Services. Call 311 to report broken meters; to find out about permits; for general parking information; and neighborhood or disabled parking abuse complaints

Sidewalks and Alleys

  • Overflowing garbage can or litter on sidewalk

    The downtown Clean Team monitors and maintains sidewalk garbage cans inside the BID. Call 509.624.9111 to report an overflowing can. For litter in doorways contact the property owner.

  • Overflowing dumpster or garbage in the street

    The City of Spokane Solid Waste department will furnish commercial businesses with collection carts, commercial dumpsters, or roll-off carts to collect materials. Businesses are charged for the collection service, not the containers. Customers must have their container location approved by the Solid Waste Collection to ensure that it can be emptied. Commercial containers can be emptied once a week or more frequently depending on a customer's needs. Call the Commercial Division at 509.625.7955 to find the right fit for your business. For street litter contact City Code Enforcement at 509.625.6083 to have your street put on the list for cleanup.

  • Weeds on sidewalk

    The downtown Clean Team sprays for weed abatement each spring on public sidewalks and tree wells inside the BID and monitors weeds throughout the summer and fall. Report a weed outbreak at 509.624.9111.

  • Snow on Sidewalks

    The downtown Clean Team will remove snow accumulation on sidewalk ramps and in crosswalks. Individual property owners and business are responsible for the removal of snow on the sidewalk.

    Snow on the sidewalk may be shoveled into parking bays for removal by City of Spokane Plows. Visit the Downtown Snow Removal page for more information.

  • Damaged mailbox

    Blue collection boxes are the property of the United States Postal Service. Report damaged or inoperable boxes to the USPS at 1.800.275.8777.

  • Leaking fire hydrant

    fire hydrants located within the public right-of-way are publicly owned and maintained by the City of Spokane Water Department. Fire hydrants not located within the public right-of-way are considered private, with maintenance requirements a responsibility of the property owner. For 24-hour water information call 509.625.7800, for repairs call 509.625.7825.

Tags and markings

  • Graffiti on buildings

    The downtown Clean Team will attempt to remove graffiti from buildings inside the BID with permission from the property owner by power washing, chemically washing or painting over the tag. The effectiveness of the removal method depends on the weather, the surface of the location and the type of paint used. Contact the Clean Team at 509.624.9111 for assistance removing the tag.

    In addition the Spokane Police Department works with the City of Spokane's Neighborhood Services Department to prevent and remove graffiti. If you are witnessing a crime in progress, call 911. If you need to report a location that has graffiti, report online using your My Spokane account or call 311, If you have a digital photograph of the graffiti, this can be submitted electronically via the reporting tool.

Trees and Planters

  • Street tree maintenance

    Large canopy street trees help reduce building cooling costs, cool and shade Downtown's sidewalks, extend the life of asphalt and encourage visitors to stay longer. Street trees positively influence the distance people are willing to travel to spend time in downtown.

    Street trees are required along all city streets in downtown and should be planted between the curb and the walking path of the sidewalk. Street trees and other landscaping shall be maintained and irrigated by the adjacent property owner. If a street has a uniform planting of street trees or a distinctive species within the right-of-way, then new street trees should be of a similar form, character and planting pattern.

    For guidance about maintaining your street trees contact City of Spokane Urban Forestry at 509.363.5495.

    In emergency situations, such as heavy snowfall, a City-licensed tree service does not need a permit for any remedial pruning if any urgent work is needed. Permit can submit at a later date.

  • Sidewalk planter maintenance

    The downtown Clean Team and staff maintain over 70 planters throughout the BID. Planting happens each may the weekend after Mother's Day. To request a planter at your place of business call the downtown office at 509.456.0580. To report missing or damaged plants call the Clean Team at 509.624.9111.

    In addition, the City of Spokane purchases and maintains over 90 hanging baskets in the downtown area.

Signs and poles

  • Broken or inoperable traffic light, street light or pole

    The Signals and Lighting Section of the Street Department performs all preventive and corrective maintenance functions for every traffic control device within the City of Spokane. Crews normally work split shifts between the hours of 5 AM to 4 PM weekdays, but also respond when needed for emergency repairs on a 24/7 basis. Call 509.625.7733 or email

  • Damaged or missing street sign

    The Signs and Markers Division installs and maintains traffic signs and pavement markings within the City of Spokane. If you know of missing or damaged traffic signs contact one of the following numbers: City: Street Department, 509.232.8803 or 509.625.7733.

  • Hazardous sign

    City of Spokane Code Enforcement is the primary contact for land use complaints, enforcing City health, safety codes and ordinances. Code Enforcement helps the public understand their rights and obligations and work closely with other government agencies to promote community goals; and acts as a liaison with community members on programs and policies to ensure stable improvement to quality of life and neighborhoods. Contact the Code Enforcement Office at 509.625.6083 or

  • Damaged pole banner

    Under the banner program, the BID is responsible for reviewing banner designs, installing and removing banners, coordinating rotations of banners and ensuring quality control standards throughout downtown. The BID is not responsible for any theft, vandalism or weather damage that occurs on downtown street banners but will arrange removal and replacement of banners in the downtown space. Report a damaged banner or bracket at 509.456.0580 or by email at