Planning for the future of Downtown Spokane

The original Downtown Plan was adopted into the City of Spokane Comprehensive Plan in 1999. Crafted to fully integrate visions, urban planning, design guidelines and regulatory recommendation with a comprehensive public participation and outreach process.

2008 Update

The Downtown Plan has yielded many exciting changes for downtown Spokane. The 2008 plan update helped develop Kendall Yards into the energetic, diverse, and distinctive urban neighborhood we know today. This update also addressed the redevelopment of Riverfront Park and the expansion of the Spokane Arena.

2019 Update

The Downtown Spokane Partnership is working closely with City Planning in developing a scope of work for 2019 that will update the 2008 Downtown Spokane Plan. Both the City and the DSP are excited to see a revised plan that is the result of a substantial and wide-ranging community engagement effort. There will be numerous opportunities and avenues for participation from city of Spokane residents, businesses and property owners.

Minor topics to be addressed include but are not limited to: updated catalytic development opportunities; activated alleyways; district naming and identity; integration of the ongoing Downtown Parking Study; connections to adjacent areas; and vacant office space.

Share your ideas for Downtown Spokane

The City of Spokane and the Downtown Spokane Partnership have begun the process to create an updated plan for Downtown. The existing plan was adopted in 2008 and the new plan will address the next 10 years. Many things have changed in a decade and it’s time to revisit things like boundaries, street classifications, height limits, transportation and livability.

The Spokane Downtown Plan influences economic development, housing, transportation and culture. Now is the time to think about all the ways you interact with our City’s core. Do you work, live, shop and have fun Downtown? What do you like? What would you like to see changed? What are your ideas?

For the plan to be successful we need to hear from you. Your feedback will be used to draft a plan to for your review this spring. To learn more and take an online survey visit spokandowntownplan.org.


The Downtown Spokane Partnership (DSP), in coordination with the City of Spokane (the City), is seeking proposals from interested consultants for the update to Spokane’s downtown plan.

Currently titled, “Fast Forward Spokane,” the downtown plan is a distinct vision and policy document for the downtown Regional Center and, upon adoption by the City, a functional part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The downtown plan serves as a sub-area plan, providing direction and guidance for development, operation, and maintenance of public and private activities and operations in downtown Spokane.

Proposal for consideration are due by 5:00pm PST on March 11, 2019. Respondent must provide 3 hard copies and a digital copy of submittal.

Project initiation will happen on or before April 19, 2019 with a target date for completion of a draft plan update by year end 2019.

The Consultant hired will be expected to utilize their experience as well as community input in working with DSP to draft an update to the plan as well as to make recommendations for needed code changes to facilitate the update, on or before end of the year.

DSP and City Staff will facilitate the public outreach, as well as the taking of the draft plan through to adoption by Council and subsequent passage of said code revisions; helping to keep expenses within budget

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