About the Grant Program

The Small Business Façade Enhancement Grant Program aims to improve the appearance and functionality of the entrance of businesses or the front of buildings, making a measurable difference in the economic vitality of the businesses and our entire downtown neighborhood.

The Downtown Spokane Partnership is excited to be able to help assist small businesses and property owners in these improvements. Research indicates that exterior improvements to buildings lead to increased economic vitality for businesses in that commercial area, along with increased foot traffic and public safety.

Grant Guidelines

Here's how it works

This grant program is structured as a reimbursement program where business and property owners may be awarded up to $5,000 in funds for completed work.

If a project is approved for a grant, the grant dollars will be distributed to the applicant once the project is completed. It must be completed by October 1, 2024, as described in the complete grant guidelines.

Eligible Enhancements

Any improvement to primary, front-facing commercial façades is eligible, such as attached signage, building entrances, doors, windows, awning, brick, stone, tuckpointing wood, or other building surfaces material. Street-facing murals/public art on commercial façades are eligible. Permitting fees for this work, when required, are also eligible expenses for grants.

Example Enhancements

Parklets & Sidewalk Patios

Parklets are temporary sidewalk extensions that provide more space and amenities for people using the street by converting a parking space or loading zone to public use. Creatively designed and executed, parklets provide seating areas and public space, often include greenery, and commonly provide a unique visual impact that activates a street and increases the public use.

Learn more about creating a Parklet in Spokane here.

Art Installations & Murals

Adding murals or art to the exterior of a business enhances its visual appeal, attracting more attention from passersby and potential customers. Additionally, it contributes to the local culture, fosters community engagement, and can serve as a memorable landmark, boosting brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Facade Refacing



Refacing the façade of your business can breathe new life into its appearance, attracting more customers, revitalizing the neighborhood, and enhancing the overall brand image and marketability.

Application Materials

Applications may be submitted any time. An internal review panel consisting of DSP staff will review applications on an ongoing basis. The grant will remain open until the total of dedicated funds is exhausted.

To apply, please complete the online application linked below.

Grant Application

For questions or further information, contact Kevin Campbell, DSP Business Relations Coordinator, at kcampbell@downtownspokane.org.