In an effort to promote special events, the Downtown Spokane Business Improvement District (BID) encourages use of the downtown community banner program to enhance the promotion and esthetic of downtown.

The BID manager, Downtown Spokane Partnership (“DSP”), requests proposals from businesses (“Contractor”) who can perform Downtown banner installation and removal under the purview of the Downtown Spokane Business Improvement District.

The selected Contractor will provide Downtown banner, installation, and transport services for various banner campaigns and other banner services that may be requested by DSP. The Contractor shall be able to provide services for various coverage. Various zone coverage will be quoted by the Contractor and specified rates determined in the final Agreement signed by DSP and the Contractor.

DSP manages a variety of initiatives, events and programs that involve the display of banners for marketing and informational purposes. Examples of such activations and promotions include but are not limited to:

    • Hoopfest
    • Bloomsday
    • Visit Spokane Branding
    • Lilac Festival & St Patrick’s Day
    • Sporting activities
    • Large community events

In support of these programs, DSP seeks to engage the services of a Contractor that can provide banner installation, removal, and transportation to storage for a variety of campaigns in localized areas of Downtown.


The respondent shall submit one proposal submitted by facsimile or email. Bidders shall submit no later than 4:30 p.m. Friday, July 26, 2024 to:

Downtown Spokane Partnership
Subject: Banner RFP Attn: Elisabeth Hooker
Attachment: PDF or Word Document