Community Business Resources

  • Greater Spokane Incorporated's Small Business program creates more visibility options and opportunities for your business to do more business.

  • The Inland Northwest's first stop for entrepreneurship assistance, resources, events, and coworking space to help you grow your company.


Healthy downtowns provide opportunities for businesses to thrive, for families to play and for people to live.
  • Clean Team

    The Downtown Clean Team has been cleaning and maintaining downtown since 1996, significantly improving the urban environment.

  • Whose Job Is It?

    Not sure who to contact when you've got a broken street lamp, or graffiti on your building? We're here to help.

  • Public Art

    Art and culture are essential components to a healthy downtown. We work closely with the Spokane Arts Fund to bring greater amounts of public art into the downtown with projects ranging from artist-designed tree grates and art-wrapped utility boxes to decorative, seasonal lighting.

  • Window Dressing

    The increased use of downtown’s vacant storefronts decreases vandalism, improves density of use and excitement, provides a short to medium term strategy for unused spaces, and supports local business start-ups.

  • Trees and Planters

    In early spring, volunteers and DSP staff take to the streets to turn downtown into an urban garden. Annually the DSP maintains over 200 planters and hanging flowers baskets.

  • Snow Removal

    To prepare for severe snow conditions, the Downtown Spokane Partnership (DSP) works closely with the City of Spokane (City) to implement plans mitigating the impact of rapid snow accumulation.

  • Wayfinding

    In partnership with Spokane County, the City of Spokane, Visit Spokane and the Public Facilities District, over the next few years we plan to implement a substantial and coordinated wayfinding system.

  • Sidewalk Cafes

    We can assist businesses around needed permits and processes for setting up sidewalk cafés. A well-maintained outdoor seating area increases “dwell-time,” encouraging people tend to stay longer.

Downtown Safety

  • The Ambassador crew in blue and grey uniforms navigate through downtown six days a week, 14,000 hours and 25,000 miles a year.

  • CPTED goes beyond traditional security methods by naturally integrating security measures into the design of your exterior space.

  • Give Real Change emphasizes the need to give, but to give in a way that increases the odds of a brighter future for those in need.

  • We collaborate with local government, non-profits and our police department in order to create a safe and vital downtown environment.

Event Support & Development

Big and small, our staff are here to help your event grow and thrive. Special events can consist of block parties, parades, festivals, car shows, markets/fairs, concerts, sporting events and more.

Event Planning & Resources

  • Location Logistics

    If you have an event you would like to host in downtown, staff are here to help you cut through the red tape, including City and State requirements.

  • Planning Assistance & Facilitation

    Big and small, our staff are here to help your event grow and thrive. Special events can consist of block parties, parades, festivals, car shows, mark

  • Event Promotion

    We assist community events and organizations through a variety of promotional opportunities.

  • Event Theming

    Paint the town when you plan your community event. From theme banners to skywalks and coordinated lighting the whole city will celebrate with you.

Getting Involved

  • Community Integration

    Downtown Spokane staff work closely with events planners to directly integrate activities with downtown retail, dining and nightlife.

  • Getting On the Calendar

    You tell us, we tell everyone. Add your events, sales and specials to the downtown calendar for additional promotions.

  • First Friday

    Designed to showcase the downtown art and retail scene, join forces to feature artists and musicians and offer special promotions on the first Friday

All Event Planning Resources

Advocacy & Policy Support

The DSP’s activities are critical to the economic health of the entire community…from creating jobs, to improving the quality of life, to raising the value of downtown property. The DSP actively pursues strategic initiatives in collaboration with its partners and the community.
  • Downtown staff aggressively advocate for catalytic projects that benefit the vitality of the downtown core.

  • A robust, efficient and accessible parking system that serves diverse market segments while supporting reinvestment and growth is vital to downtown.

  • Public safety is both a business and community issue. Staff advocate to ensure that the downtown environment is safe and inviting for everyone.

Parking & Transportation

In downtown Spokane, parking is easy. Explore parking options to find the right fit for your final destination. With nearly 13,000 surface, garage and on-street options there’s always a space for you in downtown Spokane.
  • Ride Share

    Help employees get to work and improve traffic flow by joining a Commute Trip Reduction program.

  • City Ticket

    Employees can park and shuttle for under $40 a month into downtown when they purchase a City Ticket from the STA.

  • Easy Pass & Premiere Park

    Downtown Spokane manages two parking validation programs to provide benefit to your customers. Ask about how your business can participate.