The Team

Paul Lower

Paul Lower - VP of Clean and Safe Programs

  • Alex

    Alex - Ambassador

  • Asher

    Asher - Ambassador

  • Austin

    Austin - Ambassador

  • Chris

    Chris - Ambassador

  • Eli

    Eli - Ambassador

  • Jesse

    Jesse - Ambassador

  • Nic

    Nic - Ambassador

By the Numbers

  • 9,020: Business and Citizen Contacts in 2023
  • 2,613: Welfare Contacts in 2023
  • 1,700: Calls for Service in 2023


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Meghan LaPrath, owner of Paragon Gem Services

"I would like to give compliments to two downtown Security Ambassadors...A few weeks back I was leaving my building and they were encouraging a person in the lobby (who was clearly on some substance) to leave. The way they were handling the situation was extremely humane, and as dignified as possible. I was impressed with the challenges the Ambassadors must face every day and with what grace they seem to do their work."

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Doyle Wheeler, owner, First Avenue Coffee

"We have an unusual amount of activity in our corner of downtown. We have relied on the Clean and Safe team on multiple instances. We love the friendly approach they have to our employees, visitors, and folks who make the area a challenge. They are always kind to everyone. We have asked for their help many times. We get quick responses and compassionate resolutions."