About This Place

If you are a growing company and love the City vibe, this may be just the space for you!  Located in the heart of downtown in a secure building, you can use this space for retail, office or a combination of both!  There are unlimited possibilities and lots of room to grow.

We know how time consuming and complicated it can be to set up a new suite.  We would like to help you out with some attractive features including:   

  • Efficient AC system in server room
  • Existing Century Link fiber ran into server room
  • Extensive home run networking run to all desk and conference room locations from server room
  • Alarm
  • Camera System
  • Meeting spaces wired and ran for TV's, monitors, and meeting telecommunications

I work directly for the owner and transparency is very important to us.  The Landlord does not carry any debt on the building and we are looking to provide a long term home for your business.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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