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About Erin Haskell Gourde:

It was almost ten years ago. I had been laid off from a stuffy San Francisco hedge fund. They told me that it was because of the economic downturn. It may have been the fact I was the worst Analyst's Assistant ever. I’m sure they didn’t miss me.

Between bouts of self pity, I decided it was sign. A sign I needed to do something I actually cared enough about to get out of bed. So I went back to college (round two) as a late 20 something and graduated with my Master's in Interior Design. Yes, that is an actual master's degree. I have the student loans to prove it and it comes with lot's of zeros.

Design has always been a part of my life. The time spent studying fashion design as young buck in London interning for Stella McCartney... The fashion company was just starting and yes, Stella really is as rad, chic and lovely as she appears. I'll bet she doesn't remember me but I remember her. The experience was the first time I realized that with guts and hard work, design could actually be a career.

Cut to the now. I have over seven years experience in interior design working with super talented architect firms including the iconic furniture manufacturer Herman Miller. I've designed numerous products and interiors with success and epic failures and you know what? I'm grateful for all of it. I started Design for the PPL because that's the most important thing I've learned in my design journey. It's the PPL who inform and inspire my designs. All PPL are not created equally and therefore no design should be either.

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