About This Event

First Avenue Coffee is featuring local artist and Art Therapist, Bevie LaBrie’s solo exhibition “Juxtaposition”. Bevie’s Exhibition runs through April 1st.

juxtaposition:  An exploration of the both/and
A vibration of dualities co-exist in the landscape of every human.  The juxtaposition of quiet and chaos, of peace in the middle of hurricane moments or seasons in life.  Joy as we also feel immense loss, emotional vulnerability amidst physical strength and emotional strength amidst physical vulnerability. We expand amidst constriction, and grasp light in the darkest of situations.  The titration of slow tedious tending to expansive, big, bold moves.  The surge of energetic release contrasting tired, slow fatigue. Raw exposure of our humanness while poise and order lay simply around the corner. Walking the edge of present control to the expansive, maybe messy unknown. The radical acceptance of all; the embracing and even loving of them all; the integration of all; perhaps this is…true happiness.

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