About This Event

Michael Glatzmaier is bringing his new comedy show Unscripted to the Spokane Comedy Club March 28th!

In this show “Unscripted,” Michael pulls topics from a bucket, which are written by audience members and then creates songs on the spot mixed with stories of how he learned to improvise and being the youngest of five boys.
At the age of eight, his brother would have him busk downtown Spokane and create songs on the spot for strangers igniting a love for music and improv.

Originally from Spokane, WA, Michael now travels full time performing his show in theatre’s, comedy clubs, festivals and has an album online called mostly improvised. He recently released a Dry Bar Comedy Special and has been touring with Ahren Belisle from AGT and Kill Tony. Michael is a musical comedian who creates everything on the spot based on audience suggestions.

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