About This Event

Against all odds Marmot made it to NINE!

Most commercial art galleries barely make it thru Year One as they hemorrhage money every month. Those that make it to Year Two finish blowing through their savings completely and close their doors before ever beginning Year Three.

Thanks to our supporters we made it thru those first few super challenging years. YOU are an inspiration!

Did you support us in 2015? Thank you! In 2016? Amazing! 2017? Wonderful! 2018? Super! 2019? Wow! 2020? Excellent! 2021? Appreciated! 2022? Fantastic! 2023? Incredible!

Don’t forget to reach out to us again because we have a special gift for anyone who’s ever purchased a piece of art at Marmot. So excited to get these into your hands. You’re gonna love them!

It’s now 2024 and we very much look forward to bringing you some incredible art that you’ll fall in love with and take home with you. So excited to find the perfect piece for you!

Let’s start Year Ten off with a bang! We’ll also have our regular all star lineup – pieces from Smithsonian Visionary Artist Award Winner Patti Warashina, Legendary Painter Alfredo Arreguin, Professors Emeriti Ruben Trejo, Keiko Hara, and Gordon Wilson, Professors Frank Munns and Rob McKirdie, award-winning Bend Artists Sarah B Hansen and Shelli Walters, and our favorite Montana-based painter Kelly Packer.

Excited to see you Friday, March 1st!

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