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    2021/2022 First Friday Dates

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    July 2 (June 23) | August 3 (July 28) | September 3 (August 25) | October 1 (September 22) | November 5 (October 27) | December 3 (November 24) | January 7 (December 29) | February 4 (January 26) | March 4 (February 23) | April 1 (March 23) | May 6 (April 27) | June 3 (May 25) |


    5:00 to 8:00 p.m. unless otherwise listed


    Downtown First Friday happens inside the 80 block area served by the Downtown Spokane Business Improvement District.


    First Friday promotions are paid for by the Ratepayers of the Downtown Spokane Business Improvement District (BID). Venues located outside of the BID are not eligible for BID specific First Friday promotions.

    Venues located in Kendall Yards are eligible to participate in promotions through Greenstone, a dues paying member of the Downtown Spokane Partnership under

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    Find an Artist

    Downtown Spokane does not place artists for First Friday. Staff recommend that venues seeking new artists resource the Artist Roster through Spokane Arts. Artist Roster

    Find a Musician

    If you are interested in having a local musician perform in your business on First Friday, visit the Professional Musicians AFM Local 105 here.