Spokane, WA

This April, Spokane has the pleasure of hosting the first ever international Team Challenge Cup figure skating competition. Along with Star USA and Visit Spokane, Downtown Spokane invites our downtown business community to display enthusiasm for this prestigious international event and potentially earn your own gold medal!

We've designed a contest you're invited to join to showcase your creativity in building awareness of the Team Challenge Cup. There are two phases to the contest. You'll be successful in Phase 1 by building awareness of the event through activities such as displays in your place of business and issuing special invitations to come to Spokane to your mailing list.

The second phase will extend through the event itself, which is April 22-24, and will involve a competition for the best illustration of skating themes, among other criteria. So start thinking now of ways to be creative: specially named drinks and daily specials, window displays, perhaps interactive displays… the sky's the limit!

What's in it for you? Help in ensuring Spokane maintains its status as Skate City USA. Phase 1 winners will receive tickets to the Team Challenge Cup. Phase 2 winners will be invited to attend on April 24, where the winners will be announced and receive an opportunity to attend a meet and greet with the Team Captains!

Please review this document for a full description of the Team Challenge Cup and the two phases of the contest.

To participate in the contest, click here.

Get international

Visit Spokane will be hosting a community information session detailing the Team Challenge Cup on Monday, April 11, at 1:30 p.m. in the Integra Telecom Meeting Rooms at the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena