As Spokane voters evaluate candidates on their November 2023 ballots, DSP invited candidates in City of Spokane elections to share their vision and priorities for downtown Spokane. Candidates responded to questions related to DSP’s five core areas of advocacy (see DSP Policy Platform) and provided insight into their approach to issues DSP members and stakeholders want to know about. Elected officials are critically important in achieving a strong, thriving downtown. Responses provided by candidates discuss how they will support downtown and the many people who live, work and visit here. This information is provided for education purposes only, DSP does not endorse nor take positions on candidates.

All candidates were invited to respond. Candidate responses are posted in their entirety. Typos and grammatical errors are their own.

Candidates for Mayor of Spokane

Nadine Woodward

Downtown favorites: I am a bit of a foodie, so chances are you can find me enjoying some of my favorite restaurants or trying a new one to add to my list. Spokane has so much culinary talent and the collection of restaurants we have downtown just continues to grow. I get to visit with guests in town for conventions quite a bit and I’m always proud to recommend lunch and dinner spots. You really can’t go wrong.


Candidate responses

Lisa Brown

Downtown favorites: Atticus for coffee and gifts for friends. Wild Sage for dinner. Zola or wherever my son is playing music for evening entertainment.


Candidate responses

Candidates for Spokane City Council President

Betsy Wilkerson

This candidate did not respond to the questionnaire.

Kim Please

Downtown favorites: There are too many to choose from! We are blessed to have a beautiful downtown, from the unique local shops, restaurants and coffee shops to amenities like the Davenport Hotels and Riverfront Park.


Candidate responses

Candidates for Spokane City Council District 1

Michael Cathcart

Downtown favorites: Of course, I frequently find myself immersed at City Hall, but when it comes to dining, my recent favorite, Off-the-Wall with its unique charm and food truck vibe has definitely captured my wallet. We are blessed to have a Downtown Spokane that is rich, diverse, and boasting of a variety of amazing options. Mango Tree, Chicken N More, and Method are a few of the others I love to visit.


Candidate responses

Lindsey Shaw

Downtown favorites: I probably spend the most time at Riverfront Park and on the Centennial Trail. My family loves Cochinito, and Indigenous Eats, but love many of our downtown restaurants.


Candidate responses

Candidates for Spokane City Council District 2

Paul Dillon

Downtown favorites: Favorite restaurant is Mizuna but I spend a lot of time at the Baby Bar and, of course, Auntie’s Books! And I try to get as much Spokane River time as possible.


Candidate responses

Katey Treloar

Downtown favorites: I love First Avenue Coffee. Its warm and inviting space has quickly become a Spokane staple - and in addition to their coffee they have great local treats.


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Candidates for Spokane City Council District 3

Kitty Klitzke

Downtown favorites: Due to consistency and quality of both service and food preparation Wild Sage is my favorite restaurant downtown but I do enjoy several. I worked in downtown for twenty years at four different buildings but the place I spend the most time now is the Fox. I have been a Spokane Symphony subscriber most of my adult life but I also attend several other shows there per year.


Candidate responses

Earl Moore

Downtown favorites: My favorite restaurant downtown is Indigenous Eats which has the best authentic frybread and soup!

Candidate responses

Election Day is November 7. Learn about how to register, view the online voters' guide and how to vote at www.spokanecounty.org/178/Current-Election.