The Downtown Spokane Partnership would like to encourage members and downtown supporters to consider direct financial involvement into two specific programs that align with the DSP’s mission of a safe and vibrant downtown for all.

Please consider a donation to these initiatives as a means to help move the needle on the challenges of addiction and criminality.

Compassionate Addiction Treatment (CAT)

CAT is a brand new Medical Addition Treatment (MAT) clinic that provides drugs to individuals addicted to opioids in order to curb the addiction so they can function, hold jobs, and contemplate seeking further treatment. This best practice model is having phenomenal success around the nation and this new 501c3 will be opening their doors on W 2nd in downtown. In addition to distributing clinically prescribed drug treatment they will be doing extensive outreach and provide counseling on site.

Outreach by treatment facilities is lacking in our community and the goal of the DSP is to schedule regular walk-alongs with Ambassadors and the CAT team, similar to other partnerships in downtown. Join the Smith-Barbieri Foundation by investing in this true hand-up best-practice approach.

A letter to downtown

“My Road Leads Home”

This documentary, produced by Rising River Media, seeks to tell the story of efforts, programs and initiatives that are working in Spokane. The documentary celebrates and promotes programs such as Family Promise and others who are moving individuals off our streets and into housing. “My Road Leads Home” challenges our community to take action though practical opportunities to get involved and make a difference.

A second documentary, “A Place To Call Home,” is already in early production, focusing on “the hidden homeless,” families experiencing homelessness in the greater Spokane area. It will highlight ministries and shelters, like Family Promise and St. Margaret’s, that are working with families experiencing homelessness to get them back on their feet.

Producers need financial participation. Making effective documentaries takes resources. Click below to consider donating.

Executive Treatment