Spokane, WA

Your Downtown Security Ambassadors walk the street every day meeting workers, residents, and visitors. Through partnerships with business, the city of Spokane, the Spokane Police Department, and you, Ambassadors are able to assist in the prevention of crime as well as inform citizens of their rights while enforcing downtown ordinances. It is Downtown Spokane’s goal by working in partnership with others to make downtown accessible for everyone.

On April 27, the Ambassadors received a call from Claudia Brandon at Leland’s Barbershop on Wall. Over the weekend someone had broken in and rifled through the shop stealing cash and product.

After looking through security camera footage, one Ambassador recognized the burglar from Community Court. This quick identification helped the SPD apprehended the suspect later that afternoon.

A lot of smart decisions were made that led to the speedy arrest, from Leland’s decision to install cameras to the 2013 re-introduction of a police facility in downtown to the daily duties of the Ambassadors and Downtown Spokane’s partnership with Community Court, but most importantly it was our community working together to make downtown great.

Here are a few tips from our Ambassadors to help downtown businesses prevent and quickly solve crime:

  • Where possible, install cameras inside your business. Ambassadors and police are available to provide tips for instillation.
  • Thoroughly secure and check all entrances and exits when you arrive and leave, in some cases individuals might already be in the building.
  • Make sure entrances and exits are well lit and free of clutter that could impeded sight lines.

Downtown Ambassadors are not police officers, but work closely with the SPD and other security agencies to keep downtown safe. Ambassadors are also available to provide a presence in areas of concern for businesses located within the BID. For a visit from the Ambassador team please call 509.456.0580.