About This Place

House of POp is the brain child of Douglas and Amy McCoy that originally started out as a collective of highly gifted individuals in the art of Hair, Photography, Modeling, and Film who needed a place to call home and a name they could be proud of saying they belonged to. The brand was truly accidentally launched into something much more and it became clear that we had not only started something, but we had started a movement that people actually wanted to go to and be a part of.

The Salon you see today is unapologetic for its attitude in the client comes first, meaning not only are they treated like family but we focus on education of our team to provide outstanding cuts, colors, and blowouts. Unpretentious by nature we strive to make each client feel at home within our walls and have a conversation with us about their hair. Working together we create master pieces and educate our new friends on how to create that same look at home.

Isn’t it time you sat in our POp living room and had a chat with us about how to get excited about your hair again? We think so too.

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