Investing in Downtown Spokane

Discover why great cities and regions start downtown. Choosing downtown Spokane means recognizing the vibrant hub that drives economic growth, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Our downtown area connects residents, employees, and visitors, fostering a sense of community and promoting a distinct regional identity.

Since 2013, downtown Spokane has witnessed an impressive $1.27 billion in investment across the greater downtown area. This influx of funding has led to the development of new projects, housing options, hotels, and exciting amenities. Over a million square feet of commercial space has been revitalized, breathing new life into significant properties such as the iconic Wonder Building on the North Bank and the historic Spokesman Review Production Building on Monroe.

Our downtown is constantly evolving, offering a wide range of creative office spaces, retail shops, and diverse dining experiences. We even boast a flourishing distillery scene, adding to our ever-expanding portfolio of attractions. Furthermore, downtown Spokane has embraced residential growth, with over 3,000 new housing units introduced since 2013. Whether you seek grand projects or cozy living spaces, downtown provides exciting opportunities to call it home. One notable addition is the luxurious M on Main.

As our city attracts an increasing number of visitors, downtown Spokane has responded by creating 824 new hotel rooms. These accommodations cater to the growing demand and ensure that guests can fully explore our great city. We've celebrated notable milestones such as the opening of the Davenport Grand nearly a decade ago, and more recently, the transformation of Hotel Indigo and the Montvale Hotel renovation. These additions have significantly expanded our inventory, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the ongoing transformation of our beloved Riverfront Park—the literal and figurative heart of our region.

With an assessed property value surpassing $1.4 billion, downtown Spokane remains the unrivaled epicenter of commerce, investment, innovation, and the driving force behind our regional economic health.

Join us in downtown Spokane and experience the undeniable energy that propels us forward. Together, let's shape a prosperous future for our city and region.

2023 Economic Report Development Map


With four adjacent universities, two medical schools and two community colleges, Spokane delivers a regular pool of talented young workers for any enterprise.

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Innovation and Growth

With top-notch programs and small class sizes, Spokane's growing University District offers undergraduate, graduate and professional programs in an array of degrees ranging from liberal sciences to bio sciences. Each year Spokane colleges and universities produce a pipeline of professionals ready to start their careers in an affordable community with diverse lifestyle opportunities.

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  • 32,000+: Students enrolled in higher education
  • 28,500+: Individuals employed in the downtown core
  • $72,383: Average income in the downtown zip code


Living in downtown Spokane connects you with nationally recognized chefs, countless award-winning craft breweries and wineries, a world-class Symphony Orchestra and an abundance of annual events.

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Karen was living in Florida when she decided to seek out an employer with advancement opportunities. She happened upon a job description tailored just for her, a hobby nature photographer and world traveler. The job description used words such as “Global,” “Urban,” and “Innovative.” A chance visit to Spokane turned a phone interview into a half hour meeting, into a three-hour tour of Pyrotek’s recently renovated downtown Spokane headquarters. Today, it takes Karen seven minutes to walk to work.

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  • 13%: Downtown residential vacancy rate
  • 9,000+: Residential units in downtown
  • $957: Average monthly rental cost

Get Around

It’s easy to get around Spokane. With a minimal commute time of 19.8 minutes, 10.8 million public transit rides and a rich array of bicycle routes, downtown is accessible.

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On the line

Launching in July 2023 City Line serves as a major transportation artery, providing convenient access to and from the downtown area. This accessibility enhances the connectivity of downtown Spokane, making it easier for people to reach various businesses, services, and attractions within the city center. Moreover, City Line acts as a catalyst for economic growth and development. The vibrant mix of shops, restaurants, and cultural landmarks along the street attracts a steady flow of visitors, boo

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  • 18: Direct flights out of Spokane International Airport
  • 21,400: Off street parking spaces
  • 41: Regional transit routes on Spokane Transit Authority


Unique for a city of its size, downtown Spokane has more than one million square feet of retail space in an urban atmosphere that is unrivaled in the region.

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Boo Radleys

Situated directly across from Spokane’s Iconic Riverfront Park, Boo Radley’s is the go-to shop for kitsch curiosity collectors and off-beat pop culture items. Named after the famed recluse from “To Kill a Mockingbird,” owners Andy and Kris Dinnison opened the shop in 1992 and have infused the store with local flavor indicative of Spokane’s creative culture.

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  • $305 Million: in retail tourist spending in 2022
  • $18.33/SF: Average retail rental rate in downtown
  • 150,257 SF: Available retail footage


Downtown Spokane is host to hundreds of annual events and a prime location to access a wide range of outdoor recreational activities. Fitness centers, spas, mountain-biking, kayaking and legacy events such as Hoopfest and Bloomsday keep Spokane citizens active.

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Fit Fun

The team at The Union Yoga and Spin studio have a dream to hold the world's biggest street yoga session. While that might seem like a challenge, it's not unprecedented on the streets of downtown, already known for Hoopfest Spokane, the world's largest three on three basketball tournament, and the nation's second largest foot race in Bloomsday. For now, the team settles with leading a weekly class of 200 participants overlooking the Spokane River.

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  • 3,095: Hotel rooms in downtown
  • 200+: Annual events held in downtown
  • $71 Million: Public investment in the revitalization of Riverfront Park

Clean and Safe

The Downtown Business Improvement District maintains an active and engaging Clean Team and Security Ambassadors.

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Downtown Clean and Safe Team

Public safety is both a business and community issue, not just a law enforcement one. The Ambassadors program is a community service designed to sustain the competitiveness of downtown Spokane and ensure that the environment is conducive to business activities and tourism. Ambassadors are not Police, but a unique service that provides valuable patrols, which effectively manages security issues throughout downtown.

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  • 2,342: Calls for Downtown Ambassador service