About This Event

Maison November Presents “Homage” – A Fashion Show Inspired by Spokane’s Blue Collar Roots and the Legacy of Expo ’74 Featuring Live Performance by Pianist Archie Chen.

In an exploration of Spokane’s industrial heritage, “Homage” challenges conventional perceptions of style and history. Against the backdrop of Riverfront Park’s Spokane Pavilion, the collection invites viewers on a journey through the city’s blue-collar roots and the transformative impact of Expo ’74.

Garments juxtapose utilitarian fabrics with elite attributes, offering a provocative commentary on aspiration and class dynamics. Drawing inspiration from Piet Mondrian’s geometric minimalism and Josef Albers’ chromatic studies, the collection navigates the delicate balance between tradition and innovation.

The Pavilion itself becomes a canvas for artistic expression, its architecture symbolizing shattered barriers and untapped potential. Accompanying the visual spectacle, virtuoso pianist Archie Chen lends a hauntingly evocative soundtrack, adding depth and emotional resonance to the narrative unfolding on the runway.

“Homage” transcends the boundaries of mere fashion; it’s a critical reflection on Spokane’s identity and its evolving socio-economic landscape. Join us for an evening of introspection and intrigue as we delve into the heart of a city in flux.

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