About This Event

Whether you boast Swedish roots or are simply eager to immerse yourself in new traditions, the Midsommar Celebration offers the perfect setting. Immerse yourself in the core of this festivity as the May Pole is raised, a vibrant symbol that heralds the arrival of summer. This tradition is a cornerstone of Midsommar festivities, encapsulating a moment of collective pride and joy. Additionally, an array of traditional Swedish treats will be available.

Midsommar holds a cherished place in the heart of every Swedish village, town, and city, marking the year’s longest day. It’s a time when communities come together to decorate and dance around the May Pole. Embrace the spirit of this occasion with VASA North Star Lodge #145, part of District 13 in the VASA Order of America, a Swedish-American Fraternal Organization. We will feature a beautifully decorated May Pole, ready to be raised. Revel in traditional music and dancing, and indulge in samples of Swedish culinary delights.

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