About This Event

There is a school of thought that artists must have only one recognizable style, but Cherylee Duncan has too much artful energy to adhere to that ‘rule’. If she has a distinct trademark, the label would be ‘eclectic’ ~ Cherylee abhors waste and therefore gets excited about reusing and upcycling as much as possible.

When she crochets rugs from all-recycled fabrics, she saves bits and pieces for use in her mixed media paintings. This method, along with using only what is already on hand, is how Cherylee created the series, “Threadscapes”. She is elated to find the perfect scrap of lace, thread, rope, shoestring, yarn, dried flowers from the garden, pencil shavings, dried paint scraps, old gel medium she has sculpted, stamp-carving remnants, upholstery samples, curtains, doilies, bits of jewelry, etc, to emulate nature’s delight in each piece ~ the options are excitingly endless!

Stop by Pottery Place Plus in the Historic Liberty Building this May to see her eclectic work… stop First Friday May 3rd from 5-8pm to meet Cherylee in person!

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