About This Event

Spring is blooming in downtown Spokane, and we’re calling on the community to join us from April 29 to May 3 to brighten our city center.

Throughout the week, various volunteer opportunities await, both downtown and nearby. Join as a team or individually to prep downtown for Spring and the upcoming 50th anniversary celebrations of Expo 74.

Here’s a short list of activities in the downtown BID:

  • Monday: Litter Day
  • Wednesday: May Day, Green Space Emphasis. (visit downtownspokane.org to learn about sponsoring
  • a planter)
    Thursday: Graffiti Clean-up

Register as a team of individual through Volunteer Spokane here.

All participants will receive a voucher for a free slice at David’s Pizza.

Downtown Clean-Up Team Challenge!

Join us for the Downtown Clean-Up Challenge during Spring Clean Week and let’s make our streets shine brighter than ever! Teams can earn points and go home with the ultimate downtown trophy.

How to participate:

  • Gather your squad of enthusiastic cleaners.
  • Sign-up for a volunteer shift at Volunteer Spokane
  • Earn Team Points and be named the 2024 Downtown Clean-up Challenge Champion!

How to earn points:

  • Each member earns your team 10 points for attending the clean-up event. Maximum number of team members is 7. Teams greater than 7 in size will be divided into smaller teams.
  • Teams will earn 5 points for each social media post they share about the clean-up event on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Each team can earn points for a maximum of two social media posts per team member during the duration of the clean-up event.
  • Teams who share Clean Week Facts posted to Facebook during Spring Clean Week to a company account will earn 2 points for every fact shared.
  • Make sure to tag @downtownspokane and hashtag #SpringClean2024 and #YourTeamName

Sponsor a downtown sidewalk planter

Elevate downtown Spokane’s appeal. For just $50, sponsor a sidewalk planter and infuse the heart of the city with vibrancy from spring through September. With the Clean Team’s expert care, your support ensures meticulous upkeep, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for all. Join us in shaping Spokane’s urban beauty! Support anonymously or in honor of a friend, family member or organization.

Sponsor now

Business Solutions

Pledge to reduce waste, litter, and energy use. During Spring Clean Week, implement one or more of these suggestions to make a big impact, step by step:

  • Incentivize reusable mugs or containers for to-go beverages.
  • Establish designated smoking areas with proper disposal solutions.
  • Promote reusable bags or limit bag usage to bulky items.
  • Beautify sidewalks with flower planting and maintenance.
  • Secure trash receptacles to prevent rummaging.
  • Install motion sensor lights in alleys for safety and energy efficiency.

Sustainable Effort

Became an Low Waste Impact Ambassador! In honor of the Expo 74 50th Anniversary Celebration, Spokane Zero Waste has developed a program to reduce waste, both upstream and downstream. Waste Ambassadors will receive training and help event vendors and promotors properly dispose of waste. Learn more

Safety First

Remember to dispose of materials safely. Avoid reaching into bushes or areas with potential hazards, and use gloves at all times. Report any issues to the Clean Team at 509.624.9111 or graffiti to the City of Spokane at 3-1-1.

Stay safe and courteous

Follow traffic signs and signals, wear reflective vests when working on sidewalks, and avoid disturbing anyone in your path.

Spring Clean Week is presented by the Downtown Spokane Partnership in collaboration with the City of Spokane Office of Neighborhood Services. Let’s make downtown shine together!

Spend just 15 minutes a week to keep our community clean year-round. Whether solo or with a team, pledge to tidy up problem areas around your home or workplace. Contact us to coordinate a group clean-up and receive supplies and support.

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