About This Event

Terrain Gallery presents ‘State of Awe’ by local artist Vanessa Swenson. This show encapsulates the boundless wonder found in everyday moments and grand landscapes alike. Through snapshots and sketches from her Northwest experiences, Swenson invites viewers to explore the awe-inspiring beauty of alpine ranges, lush forests, and serene waterscapes. Mindfully repurposing materials, she creates vivid brushstrokes that echo the awe-inspiring moments she’s encountered, fostering curiosity and connection to the natural world. This exhibition beckons us to slow down, observe, and rediscover the profound sense of wonder that surrounds us all.

Join us for the First Friday Opening: March 1st • 5-8PM.
Show Dates: March 1st – March 23rd.
Regular Gallery Hours: Thursday-Saturday • 4-7PM.

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