City Line

City Line

What It Is lala

The Central City Line is a six-mile Bus Rapid Transit route connecting Browne’s Addition to Spokane Community College by way of Downtown Spokane and the University District. It will be a modern-style electric bus providing nearly 1 million rides per year. It will feature more frequent trips and convenient elements like pre-board ticketing, level boarding and improved stations with real-time signage, wayfinding and other amenities.

Our Position

This is a critical moment for the community as it considers whether to pass a slate of operational upgrades and major capital projects for the regional transit system. The Downtown Spokane Partnership wholeheartedly supports the measure and urges downtown businesses, organizations, and supporters to endorse the measure and vote yes on Prop 1 on this November’s ballot. For the region it would fund the construction of multiple capacity-building projects to ensure the region’s transit system is ready for anticipated population growth, and for greater downtown it would result in the Central City Line (CCL), a bus rapid transit project which would connect Spokane Community College, Gonzaga, the University District, Downtown Spokane and Browne’s Addition. The CCL would significantly strengthen the connection between several of Spokane’s residential neighborhoods, major centers of higher education and the downtown core, it would amplify downtown walkability and support a denser urban core.

The completion of the CCL is the right kind of project, in the right place at the right time to make a critical difference for the region’s urban core. After over 15 years of planning and analysis, now is the right time to make this project happen.

Where We Are

The City Line bus rapid transit (BRT) line is currently under construction with service expected to begin in 2022. The 6-mile-long route will be operated by the Spokane Transit Authority, will run from Spokane's Browne's Addition neighborhood, through Downtown Spokane and the University District, including the WSU Health Sciences campus and Gonzaga University, before ending at the Spokane Community College campus.

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