Spokane, WA

The sun rose on another day in Spokane as Traveler stepped into the cool darkness of the air transport lobby. Inhaling the sweet smell of Washington, a foreign smell not known to her kind for over 50 years, she savored the moment. Soon, ground transportation would whisk her away on concrete ribbons past evergreens into the red-brick-jungle of the city. Anticipation crawled up and over her spine, neurons snapped and buzzed as the feeling took over in the fleshy tissue of her mind. She was ready. She had arrived.

Sasquan is the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention. Known as “World Con,” the annual gathering of science fiction and fantasy fans, celebrating the best works of authors, editors, publishers, artists, scientists, game designers and creative intellectual leaders, has chosen Spokane as their six-day destination.

Over 5,000 individuals from all over the globe will arrive in Spokane from August 18 through August 24 to learn, share, and celebrate, culminating in the 2015 Hugo Awards, the premier awards in the science fiction field.

World Con comes back to Washington State for the first time in 50 years, with Spokane being selected over several large international cities as this year’s host. Let’s show our visitors from near and far just how friendly and fantastic downtown Spokane can be!

Be in the know

  • Visit Spokane has provided posters for you to welcome convention attendees into your place of business. Contact the Downtown Spokane office if you have not yet received one.
  • Sasquan attendees love deals and unique cuisine. Lure them in with a food or beverage special. To share your deal contact Amy Cabe at Visit Spokane.
  • Don’t be surprised of you see cosplay (science fiction and fantasy costumes) around downtown. Some cosplay might include reproduction weapons, which according to convention rules, should be marked as fake. These reproductions are used only to enhance the costume and are not harmful. If you would like to take a photo of the cosplay, please be respectful and ask first.
  • This worldwide convention receives international visitors! You may find yourself in conversation with a non-native English speaker.
  • Participate in Visit Spokane’s #SasQuantest! Between August 19 and 22, submit photos on Twitter or Instagram of your most beloved science fiction and fantasy characters in front of your favorite Spokane spots.
  • Locals can attend Sasquan as a World Con member by registering one site at the convention. The public is invited to attend a reception at the Downtown Library from 4-6pm and a mini “First Night” at Riverfront Park from 4-8pm on August 19.