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Yes for Spokane Libraries

Yes for Spokane Libraries

What It Is

Measure No. 1 is a renewal of an existing tax rate that has been on your tax bill since 2013. This levy has been renewed twice, allowing the library to continue to deliver amazing service to the community including early childhood education, free meeting rooms, 7-days a week service at all 7 Library locations, and of course books, magazines, and digital access.

Yes for Spokane Libraries Campaign

Measure No. 1 Library Operations Levy Renewal Information

Our Position

Similar to support for the SPS bond and levy measures, passage of the Library levy will facilitate programming at its branches which helps educate and train downtown’s future workforce. Passage of the measure would continue the current levy rate of $0.07 per $1,000 of assessed property value and would not enact new taxes or expand the existing tax. Passage requires a simple majority and would extend the current levy rate for three years beginning in 2025, through the end of 2027. A ‘yes’ vote on Measure 1 authorizes the continuation of funding the Library’s expanded system-wide programing, which now includes seven-days-a-week operations at all of its branches and a wide variety of other programs, some of which are focused on small business enhancement and economic development. Should Measure 1 not pass, staffing and operations at all Library branches would be reduced. This includes expanded security at the downtown branch.

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Where We Are

Ballots will be mailed to voters on January 26 and are due on Tuesday February 13.

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