The Spokane University District is seeking applications for full-time position supporting the day-to-day function and promotion of the UD.

Marketing & Communications Project Manager, Assistant to Executive Director  

This position provides a unique opportunity for an individual who wants to help shape the future of Spokane. You are interested in working with and advancing the many faceted physical, technical, political, and social issues related to the vision of the University District to create the best live/learn/work/play environment possible. Your background may be in one of many different fields such as business, marketing, communication, public policy, urban planning, architecture and/or (graphic) design.You have strong writing and visual communication skills and a keen understanding of the integrated nature of communication channels and resources. You are impeccable with organization.

  • Complete the employee application. To ensure your application is properly completed, save to your desktop, fill out and save again as a new file name, "UDApp_YourName.pdf." Provide a cover letter and three references.
  • Applications accepted until filled.
  • Email applications and resume to
  • Or mail to: 

Spokane University District
C/O Mark Mansfield
10 N Post Street, #400
Spokane, WA 99201