While concrete, brick, and iron make up the most dominating esthetic of the urban environment, elements of nature incorporated into the landscape can make a significant impact on the appeal of our downtown.

You’ve probably noticed the various trees bordering the streets on downtown’s sidewalks. Large canopy street trees help reduce building cooling costs and extend the life of asphalt and pavement, encouraging visitors to stay longer. Street trees create a strong “sense-of-place,” soften the urban landscape, and are a competitive advantage for downtown. Caring for these trees is a big job that requires diligent maintenance and significant funding in partnership with property managers, the City of Spokane, and your Downtown Business Improvement District.

Here’s an overview of some of the work being done in your downtown core:

  • Three dead trees across from the Grand Hotel on Washington will be cut down by Parks Department arborists and replacement trees are on order for planting.
  • Four dead trees on Post – two at Ruby2 and two at the Diamond Parking lot across the street – will be replaced following completion of irrigation maintenance by the Water Department.
  • Fourteen metal grates will soon replace the concrete tree lids along Main Ave. Metal grates allow for water to effetely reach tree roots and keep trees healthy.
  • The week of October 5 will begin the largest single tree pruning project in years, with 18 trees on Main Ave between Wall and Washington being trimmed for deadwood.
  • Five trees at the Pyrotek property on Wall Street and First Ave are receiving some love and attention, with repair of irrigation lines and the replacement of concrete lids with metal grates.
  • Three new trees on Washington Street at the Hutton Building have been reconnected to the City irrigation system following Water Department work.

Downtown Spokane encourages citizens and property managers to contact our office at 509.456.0580 with concerns about street-trees in your downtown core.