Our hospitality community is great about working together…and now we've got a big opportunity where we all need to come together once more.

Bring Figure Skating Back to Spokane

Spokane is a finalist to host an international figure skating competition, the "2016 Team Challenge Cup" in April 2016. Hosted by US Figure Skating, this new event is approved by the International Skating Union. Three teams – from North America, Europe and Asia – will feature the best athletes competing in a brand new format. It's been described as the "Superpowers of Skating."  It's a global competition that may be coming to Spokane…and we're asking you to stand up together and support the effort to bring this great new event here!

Site Selection Team in Spokane August 6-7

In less than two weeks from now, August 6-7, a site selection committee from US Figure Skating will be in Spokane to determine if Spokane should be the site for the event in 2016. This is our chance to shine…to show the selection committee that we've got the experience and the heart to be the host city of a world class event.  We're competing with two other cities (we don't know who!) for this event and need to unite to demonstrate our interest in being the best host community.

WHAT YOU CAN DO – Be Part of a Huge Rally

On Thursday, August 6 at 5:30pm , we want volunteers to quietly show up in the lobby of the Davenport Grand Hotel. We want to fill the lobby and meeting corridors with 300 people…everyone holding rally signs that we'll provide. We want to gather quietly because the U.S. Figure Skating site selection committee will be upstairs in a meeting. And, then, when they come down the grand staircase into the lobby, we'll be there to literally shout out with one voice, "Select Spokane!!" It's time to make some noise.

WHAT ELSE YOU CAN DO – Show Our Spirit

We'll be distributing signs to downtown businesses…so they can put them up in their storefront windows…on their doors…on their delivery vehicles. The message will be the same and we want U.S. Figure Skating to see it.

We Need You – Please Respond Now

We want the site selection committee to see our unity. We want them to feel our passion. We want them to select Spokane. And we know, with all of us coming together again — we will be successful.

Please RSVP to Rachel Meagley at

Thank you,


Cheryl Kilday
President & CEO
Visit Spokane