The Spokane Citizens for Parks and Streets campaign is in full swing with less than a month to go before ballots are due back on November 4. We believe that these measures are vital to vibrant downtown. If these measures are important to you here are a number of ways to get involved with the campaign: 

  • Donate – Navigate to the website and click on the donate button on the upper right.

  • Volunteer here.

  • Endorse here

  • Like here

  • Tell the community your best Riverfront Park story on the DSP FB Page (if you haven’t done so yet, you can “like” our page while you’re at it).

  • Yard or business signs – We have a supply at 10 N Post waiting for you. Or have the campaign deliver a sign to your home.

  • Spread the word – Communicate with friends, employees, colleagues about supporting the campaign financially, by volunteering, or by just voting “yes” in November.

The challenge for the campaign is that the streets portion requires 50% +1 for passage, but the park bond has a higher bar at 60% + 1. So there’s the challenge: it may not be as cool as the Ice Bucket Challenge, but it’s not as cold and wet. Plus, passage of the bond would mean a whole lot for Downtown Spokane.