Contribute to the new downtown Spokane Police Precinct

The downtown police precinct is returning to the core, and we need community support to put out the welcome mat.

In 2012 our core was at risk of giving way to vagrants, unruly youth and the criminal behavior. People were harassed, intimidated and afraid to work downtown, with some businesses opting to leave the area as a result. At that time, only two Spokane Police Officers were dedicated to downtown, reporting from the public safety building located on Broadway.

Because public safety is vital to a thriving city center, in 2013 the Downtown Spokane Partnership negotiated with the City of Spokane to sponsor the lease of a designated downtown precinct, the first precinct in the City of Spokane, in exchange for seven SPD officers staffing the location on corner of Post and Riverside. This presence was a success, driving away negative behavior and greatly reducing crime in the core. However, after two short years, the City moved the precinct to the fringe of downtown, once again leaving the core devoid of a strong police presence and vulnerable to the return of nuisance behaviors and criminal activities.

After hearing our concerns, Mayor-elect Nadine Woodward and the City Council made it their number one priority to return the precinct back to the core. Council members championed raising the funds needed to grow the number of officers dedicated to 23, over 30 when two outreach teams are counted. Thanks to this collaborative leadership and support the downtown precinct is on track to relocate to the northwest corner of Wall and Riverside in the core by this July.

This critical project was not in the City’s adopted 2020 budget. Mayor Woodward, and the DSP, are asking for help to assist with the purchase of interior furnishings needed for the increased police force to be housed in the new precinct.

The detailed estimate for all partitions and furnishings is $83,000. Thus far we have raised $27,500, thanks to the support of private donors and a contribution from the Business Improvement District. In just over a month, we need to raise the additional $55,000, and you can help us reach our goal.

  • For $5,000, your company name will be displayed on a plaque at the precinct entrance. In addition, you will receive a certificate of appreciation, a photo op with the Mayor, Chief and Captain, and public recognition through the DSP media channels.
  • For $1,000; you will receive a certificate of appreciation, the photo op, and public recognition through the DSP media channels.
  • For only $500; you will receive a certificate of appreciation and public recognition through the DSP media channels.
  • If you can only afford $100; you will receive a certificate of appreciation signed by our Mayor!

Please join us in this effort and demonstrate to the City just how important the precinct is to the vitality of our great downtown. All contributions are tax deductible, make your pledge by emailing