In Downtown Spokane, Ambassadors work closely with security agencies and the Spokane Police Department to serve as additional eyes on the ground. Keeping downtown safe is a collaborative effort that takes preparation, and coordination.

Recently collaboration paid off as downtown Ambassadors were able to assist the Downtown Spokane Police Precinct in detaining a chronic burglar in the downtown area.

On May 2 Ambassadors were informed in the morning by SPD that they had probable cause to arrest a teenage male wanted for an organized retail theft felony charge.

Around 5:30pm that same day Ambassadors Seim and Whiteside spotted the individual outside of Bank of America. Ambassadors contacted Crime Check who logged the location.

Officers soon contacted the Ambassadors asking if the subject was still in sight. Ambassadors confirmed they were monitoring the individual and provided more details to further help SPD know the exact location, what he was wearing and who else he was with.

Within minutes, officers were on location and detained the subject without incident. The subject was booked into jail and charged with Organized Retail Theft.

Coincidence allowed Ambassadors to arm Officers with the information needed to quickly identify, find, and detain a chronic thief. But coincidence does not happen without preparation. From security concerns to breakfast recommendations, Ambassadors are walking downtown six days a week ready to assist everyone who works, plays and lives here.

To reach an Ambassador call the Downtown Spokane office at 509.456.0580 or the Ambassador line at 509.353.9111.