Each year during the holiday shopping season, crime increases. The Spokane Police Department has compiled a list of tips for business owners to help prevent crime to and around their property.

Assess the exterior lights and add LED lights to illuminate dark areas of the property.
Lighting can play an important role in discouraging vandalism. Quality security lighting should enable people to take action at a distance, while also maintaining suitable aesthetics. Be sure to conduct a simple perimeter check of the outside of your property to ensure all light fixtures are functional.

Check your business/property daily.
Promoting regular human surveillance and activity on your premises can help discourage illegal activity from occurring.

Install a simple camera system.
Realizing they’re being recorded can often be a large deterrent to would-be criminals. Even if a crime isn’t deterred, having a camera system will still provide a record of that crime being committed and can aid in the prosecution of those responsible.

Create a communication plan with neighbors/other tenants.
A tight-knit community makes for a good defense against crime. By looking out for one another, more eyes and ears around the clock can help report suspicious activity before any incidents occur.

Below is a friendly reminder of who you can contact for assistance in the downtown area should any issues arise.

Crime Check: To file reports for non-emergency crimes that have already happened, and do not require an office/deputy at the scene, call Crime Check at 456-2233. You can also call with information regarding a crime that previously occurred.

DSP Ambassadors: Our Ambassadors provide supplemental security and hospitality services seven days a week serving as the friendly face of downtown to residents, workers and visitors. For non-emergency issues, such as disruptive individuals in or around your business’ location, call 353-9111 for assistance.

DSP Clean Team: Our Clean Team is on the streets five days a week helping to beautify and maintain downtown’s aesthetic and environment. Call them at 624-9111 for assistance with issues like graffiti tags, unclean sidewalks, or care for our green spaces and flower planters.

311: Currently “My Spokane 311” handles customer service for Parks and Recreation, Utility Billing, Solid Waste Collection, Code and Parking Enforcement, and Streets. Customer service representatives also answer general questions pertaining to the city, so if you are unsure of what department to call just dial 311.

For emergencies, call 911.