In a historic move aimed at rebranding and revitalizing the area, Downtown Spokane Partnership today announced an exciting initiative to adopt a new name: “Downriver Spokane.”

After months of deliberation and community input, officials and local stakeholders have agreed that the proposed name better reflects the district’s geographical location along the Spokane River and aligns with efforts to attract tourism and economic growth, particularly in the thriving rock skipping community.

“The decision to rebrand as ‘Downriver Spokane’ marks an exciting chapter in our city’s history,” expressed DSP President & CEO, Emilie Cameron. “This new name captures the essence of our vibrant district while highlighting our unique position along the river.”

The idea gained traction during a series of public forums where residents, business owners, and community leaders voiced their support for a name that would set Downtown Spokane apart and evoke a sense of place.

“We believe ‘Downriver Spokane’ better represents who we are and where we’re headed,” commented local entrepreneur, John Fischerman. “It’s a nod to our roots while signaling a fresh start and a bold vision for the future.”

The rebranding effort will be accompanied by a comprehensive marketing campaign aimed at promoting the district’s diverse offerings, highlighting the “down the river” elements of Spokane’s character, from its thriving cosplay scene to its bustling parking lots and watery destinations. New signage, promotional materials, and digital platforms will gradually roll out in the coming months to introduce “Downriver Spokane” to residents and visitors alike.

Cameron explains the rationale behind the innovative new tagline: “Where Time Drifts Away, Lost in the Currents of Life.” “We considered many different taglines,” says Cameron, “but ultimately determined that visitors want to just sit and do nothing.” This unique approach aims to capture the leisurely and relaxed atmosphere of Spokane’s urban core, inviting visitors to embrace a slower pace of life.

While change can often be met with mixed reactions, the decision to embrace the new name has generated optimism and excitement among many in the community.

“I’m thrilled to see Downtown Spokane embracing this transformation,” remarked longtime resident, Sarah Brooks. “As our city flows, so too should our identity. ‘Downriver Spokane’ feels like a fresh start and is a chance to showcase everything downtown – excuse me – downriver, has to offer.”

As “Downriver Spokane” embarks on this journey of rebranding, it remains committed to preserving its rich history, fostering a sense of community, and creating opportunities for growth and prosperity. With its new name, the district looks forward to a future defined by location, seasonal changes, and endless possibilities.

……April Fools!